Fri, 2010/10/15 - 17:16

Yet another awesome article/slideshare! I just wish this site's design were a little better :)

I had one question: how did you get the anonymous/logged-in user graphs in munin? Do you have a custom script for that, or is there something that can be downloaded?

Fri, 2010/10/15 - 22:19

It is a custom Munin script that queries the database for the sessions table entries for anon and logged in users over the past 15 minutes and reports it back. Munin then plots it on the graph.

Fri, 2010/10/15 - 23:29

Not easy with memcache, since it has no mechanism to iterate over entries, where as SQL has SELECT columns WHERE conditions.

Fri, 2010/10/15 - 22:29

Thanks for the slides.

Unfortunately, the download halts at 380 kb and opening it throws an error about the PDF or format being corrupted. I have tried twice.

Fri, 2010/10/15 - 22:45

I just double checked. The file is OK on the server, and checksum is the same as it is on my laptop. It is 636,446 bytes long. Others posting in this thread were able to load it.

Clear your browser cache and then try again.

Sun, 2010/10/17 - 09:19

I just clicked the link and it worked. I can see the PDF perfectly fine.

Please clear all your browser cache, exit the browser, start it again, and then try again.

Fri, 2010/10/22 - 15:41

The download did not work for me in Safari, but worked in Firefox.

Seems like a browser issue, then.

I'm on Ubuntu 9.04.

Sat, 2010/10/16 - 19:00

Thank you for the slides!


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