Here are the slides for both presentations that were done yesterday at Open Craft's offices in Cairo, Egypt.

The bulk of the presentation was for the Drupal performance tuning and optimization, which took about 3.5 hours, and there were lots of interaction from the audience.

If you attended the 1 hour version given at Drupal Camp Toronto, this one covers a lot of new material, and is updated with things like using the memcached module, Drupal 6 improvements, and slowdowns and their resolutions. Worth checking for sure.

The userpoints presentation has also been updated with new contributed modules that has been committed since May.

The presentations attached below are provided in Open Office presentation (odp) format and PDF format.  

Noel Hidalgo recorded it all on video and will be posting it somewhere soon. If you know the URL before I do, post a comment to this article.

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