Last week, Nathan Vexler of the University of Waterloo, and Khalid Baheyeldin of presented at the Waterloo Region Drupal Users Group on Backdrop CMS.

Backdrop CMS is a fork of Drupal, based mostly on Drupal 7.x, and mostly compatible with its API. It also has some features from Drupal 8.x. It aims to provide an alternative that reduces the cost of ownership by minimizing the learning curve for developers.

Note: the slides from this presentation were superseded by my talk at Drupal North 2015.


Tue, 2015/05/26 - 18:26

Most of the audience were just curious about BackDrop: why it was created? which problems will it address? ..etc.

The main stance is "wait and see", including waiting to see whether BackDrop will garner a considerable following, and whether Drupal 8 will be too complex and/or will not see significant adoption.

One attendee summed it up as : "BackDrop will be successful by not dying", meaning that if BackDrop persists with some following, then it is a success.

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