Client Testimonials: what they say about us?

Large Web Site With Many Simultanously Logged In Visitors

For a large site with many logged in users, we get this feedback:

We were in need of consulting for our website performance, as it was slow and could not handle the large number of logged in users.

We were very fortunate that we found

After investigating, Khalid provided an in depth statement of our problems, the reasons behind them, and solutions to those problems.

Now, our website is 3 X higher performance than before!

We are very satisfied with the results, and would recommend for others.

Client Testimonial: ExcelJet.Net

Dave Bruns of ExcelJet.Net writes to us:

We hired to move our Drupal site to a faster host, on its own virtual private server (VPS), with advanced caching, using Varnish, and with secure socket layer (SSL).

They completed the project quickly and professionally.

From the moment we started the project, Khalid provided current status updates, and tracked all issues to completion straight through the weekend.

Client Testimonial: Joe Fender of CyAC

Recently, CyAC contacted us to reduce their hosting cost, and setup a new server for them, custom tuned and optimally tuned for Drupal.

After discussing with them what their current issues are, what their present and future needs, we performed Drupal server installation, configuration and tuning for them.

After completion, Joe Fender wrote back to us the following:

"The 2bits team halved our server costs in a mere weekend!

Client Testimonial: Kismet El Sayed of Al-Masry Al-Youm

Kismet El Sayed, Project manager with Al-Masry Al-Youm, the leading independent newspaper and portal in Egypt and the Middle East writes.

We hired for a performance assessment of our non-trivial site infrastructure composed of 3 servers, significant caching, and significant traffic, all running a Drupal portal web site for our organization.

Client Testimonial: Michael Kelly of What's That Web

Michael Kelly, of What's That Web, in Sydney, Australia writes:

During development of a Drupal social community for small to medium enterprises we realised that our server was struggling with the load our increasingly complex website was putting on it.

We looked all over the web for potential solutions until we found the wealth of knowledge at


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