Kismet El Sayed, Project manager with Al-Masry Al-Youm, the leading independent newspaper and portal in Egypt and the Middle East writes.

We hired for a performance assessment of our non-trivial site infrastructure composed of 3 servers, significant caching, and significant traffic, all running a Drupal portal web site for our organization. understood our concerns and acted accordingly, delivering a performance improvement in one calendar week, only by tuning our existing systems - and with no disruption to the live site.

They also delivered a detailed report with clear improvement opportunities that our internal team can carry out for the longer term.

Khalid displayed the best qualities expected from a professional systems engineer: experienced, cautious, and seeking the simplest solution to the desired goal.

His intimate knowledge of Drupal and its system dependencies made him the perfect choice for us.

We will not hesitate to seek's help in the future.

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