Mark Dowsett of Dowsett Events says:

After posting an urgent plea for help on the Drupal forums 2bits contacted me promptly - alarmingly promptly I might add.  I was hesitant to make a hasty decision to enlist their help but I couldn't be more happy I did. 
After the initial help, they helped me with setting up site backup tools, as well as a test web site. They also helped plan further development on my site that I was in dire need of.
I had clients requesting features on my site that were over my novice skills and without 2bits, I wouldn't have been able to meet their needs.  I am now working with 2bits to even further develop my site beyond what I had ever expected my site to be able to handle. I've been able to bounce any ideas off of them and work together to come up with a prompt solution within a reasonable budget.  
I am always amazed at how fast they can come up with working solutions.  I have spent hours trying to do a few small things, given up, then ask them and they have it fixed in no time at all.  It's hard to put a value on that sort of time savings.
Dynamic Content Management system are becoming key to modern web sites, and 2bits fully understands what is needed.

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