Randy Brown, owner of GrownUpGeek.com writes:

We recently installed the Drupal Userpoints module at the site to track posts, rate users, etc. I was running into issues and decided to upgrade to the new Userpoints 2.0.

After upgrading/installing the newer version I continued having trouble so late Saturday evening made a post in the support-forum at Drupal. To my surprise within hours I had a response from Khalid Baheyeldin, the author of the Userpoints module and co-founder of 2bits.com.

I Responded to Khalid's post Sunday morning and was again surprised to see multiple responses almost immediately after my posts. Khalid then offered to access my system and look into the problem directly. Normally I would never even entertain the idea of giving a complete stranger the passwords to the site, but I have seen (and used) many of Khalid's Drupal modules and 2Bits.com was already on my list for any future Drupal support (like that upgrade to V5 that I'm so afraid to do myself). I emailed the key's to the GrownUp Geek kingdom to Khalid and held my breath.

Long story short: A few minutes later Khalid sent me an email indicating the problem was resolved. A few more very fast emails back and forth, and the Userpoints module was working as advertised.

I have been disappointed with the level of Drupal support in the forums in the past, but in this case not only did I receive a response to my problem, but I was also offered and received personalized support - all on a Sunday morning! Kudos to Khlid, 2bits.com and Drupal on a job well done!

Naturally, I do not expect this level of free support for all problems (nor should you), but my experience today proves that there are some great Drupal developers out there that not only know what they are doing, but aren't "too good" to help us n00bs.

Thank you Khalid and 2bits !

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