How the Drupal community works together: Userpoints as a case study

I wanted to take a a few minutes to document how the Drupal community is amazing in how it self organizes to get stuff done ...

One of the projects that I have started a long time is Userpoints. Being mostly an API, it has flourished with a mini-ecosystem around it of userpoints modules for various and quite diverse things.

For Drupal 6.x, I was fortunate to have jredding (Jacob Redding) take the lead and add several new features that he needs for various projects.



Presentation: Drupal's CCK, Views and Panels for the London Drupal Users Group

Last Thursday, Khalid gave a talk on Drupal's CCK, Views and Panels for the London, Ontario Drupal Users Group.

The last part of the talk was by Martin Anderson-Klutz, and talks about upcoming features in Views 3.x.

The slides are attached below.



DrupalCon DC 2009: presenting on Backend Performance Optimization and Tuning

DrupalCon DC 2009 is one day away, and will be there presenting on Backend Drupal performance optimization and tuning.

This is a topic we often write about in our section dedicated to articles on Drupal performance tuning and optimization for large web sites, and is a very popular section of this web site.



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