Interview with Erich Beyrent on, Drupal, Userpoints and other topics ...

At DrupalCon Boston, I met Erich Beyrent, Engineering
Manager at CommonPlaces e-Solutions. As it turns out they are using Userpoints for several large sites, including in very interesting ways.

Later, we had Erich as a guest visiting onsite in Waterloo, and we had this interview about Drupal, Userpoints, and other things.

DrupalCon Boston 2008 : Performance Tuning and Optimization for high traffic Drupal sites

At the suggestion of Kieran Lal, I helped organize and coordinate a presentation at DrupalCon Boston 2008 on Performance tuning, scalability and optimization of high traffic Drupal sites.

The presenters were all experienced in this area, with specializations in certain subareas as well. They were:

Userpoints gets services module integration, provides points repository via XML-RPC

This week saw an important new feature go into the Userpoints Drupal module: XML-RPC integration via the Services module.

What this allows is that external applications and external web sites can now retrieve and update points on your site for users. With this many things are possible, such as:

How OpenConcept Consulting uses Userpoints

At DrupalCon Boston 2008, Khalid Baheyeldin of met Mike Gifford, of OpenConcept Consulting, an Ottawa based shop.

During the discussions, it was apparent that OpenConcept used Userpoints in interesting way.

The following interview was done after DrupalCon, and highlights how Userpoints is used in many creative ways:

KB: Mike it was great to meet you again at DrupalCon Boston.

The Adsense module gets a new API

We spent some time to add exciting new features to the adsense module.

New hook API

The module now has a new hook_adsense() that can be used by other modules to determine which Google Adsense ID to show. This allows virtually endless possibilities for revenue sharing.

Less dependencies

The module no longer depends on the core profile module. For sites that don't need revenue sharing, this means a far simpler setup and you can be up and running in a few minutes.

Job search module 2.x gets views integration

The Drupal job search module today got a new release: 2.x.

The major feature is that it now has views integration. This exposes fields, filters and arguments to the views module so custom lists can be built.

Some of the useful use cases include:

  • List of jobs that the current logged in user has applied for.
  • List of all jobs on the site that has had one or more applications.
  • List of all jobs applied for by a certain users (an argument).

And much more ...


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