Drupal framework for Second Life released

2bits and SocialSignal are proud to announce the release of the Second Life framework for Drupal.

This framework allows objects inside Second Life to interact with applications running on Drupal web sites. The framework includes a sample application, a Second Life client emulator, and debugging/timing facilities to help developers write.

What can you do with this framework? Many things:

New module: Session expire

A new module that helps with busy sites has been released.

This is the session expire module.


On busy sites, the number of rows in Drupal's sessions table can be really high. We saw sites with 1.7 million rows in it!

Drupal's core relies on PHP garbage collection to do this cleanup, but the options are sometimes not set correctly in php.ini, and vary from distro to distro, so the cleanup may not kick in at all. Moreover, the cleanup can be triggered by normal page views.

Userpoints 3.x development release available for download

A new development release of Userpoints 3.x-dev is now available for download.

This version implements a new and improved API that should be more extensible in the future, and hence less disruptive for modules from one release to the next. The arguments are now minimal, with sensible defaults to those ones that are not specified. The arguments are an associative array, so addition in the future would not change the function's signature.

Fee module gets new features

The fee module is designed for one time use conference/event sites. It allows conference organizers to collect fees from registered users who signed up for the conference.

Now, the module has new features that allow conference organizers to print lists of confirmed (i.e. paid up) attendees. Several fields are exposed to views, such as the gross amount, the net amount, currency, and whether the user paid or not.


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