A new development release of Userpoints 3.x-dev is now available for download.

This version implements a new and improved API that should be more extensible in the future, and hence less disruptive for modules from one release to the next. The arguments are now minimal, with sensible defaults to those ones that are not specified. The arguments are an associative array, so addition in the future would not change the function's signature.

Moderation is now at the API level, and so is points categories.

Thanks to (Jacob Redding) jredding for doing all the coding work for this, and dami for the ongoing testing.


Wed, 2007/10/17 - 07:42

What a shame, I only implemented version 2 a couple of days ago - if I only waited for version 3.

Anyway, the links don't seem to work yet. Maybe I'm too early?

Sat, 2007/10/20 - 16:21

i am playing with this now. my client's need is for the point categories to match exactly his site taxonomy. So I just edited the variable for the userpoints vocab to use an existing vocab and it seems to work fine. i filed one minor bug report.

thanks a lot.

Sun, 2007/10/21 - 02:23

Moving this discussion over to Drupal.org.. please follow up there.


I'd love some feedback on this issue.

btw: You're welcome ;)

Tue, 2007/11/27 - 07:31

Hi Jacob. I really wanted to read the discussion, but can not find any!? Where can I go to and ask for some help with that issue?

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