We are pleased to announce several Userpoints related things today.

First, we have views integration, thanks to corsix and GHOP task #62. It is available in 5.x-2.15.

Second, the first stable release of the new and improved API 3.x (5.x-3.1) is out. This version also has views integration as well. If you are developing modules for userpoints, then please use the 3.x API, as it is the way forward, and it is less work to write a module using that API.

Third, all the contributed modules for userpoints have been now split into their own userpoints contributed modules project. Here is the 2.x compatible tarball. There is no 3.x version yet of the contributed modules, because they need to be converted to the new API module by module.

Thanks are in order for the heroic efforts of Jacob Redding (jredding) for his relentless work on the 3.x API. Thanks are also due for corsix for the long awaited views integration, and for dami and numerous others for testing all the above.

Go ahead and download the module, and experiment with it, write modules that use it, ...etc.

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