Drupal Performance logging module now part of the Devel project

A while ago, we announced the performance logging and monitoring module for Drupal.

As you can see from the comments on that page, it was suggested that the module be included with Devel. We did not give it much thought then, until today,  Moshe gave the final nudge, and we did the intergration today.

Along with this integration, we have the following fixes and features:

Wikimedia standardizes 400 servers on Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS

the Wikimedia Foundation has decided to standardize their infrastructure on Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS. This means that 400 servers running Wikipedia will eventually be moved to Ubuntu, instead of having a mix of distributions.

We have been using and advocating the relatively under-advertised Ubuntu Server for several years, both for in house development and testing, as well as for client web sites, large and small.

We have been extremely happy with Ubuntu, for the following reasons.

Waterloo Region Drupal Users Group: How to port your content from ... to Drupal

Emma Jane Hogbin, of Drupal Socks fame, drove down all the way from Owen Sound to Kitchener today

She gave the same well attended talk she did at Drupal Camp Toronto 2008 on How to port your content from * to Drupal.

In total, 16 people attended, the record so far, and impressive for a Drupal Users Group that has only been in existence for only 4 months.

Presentation: DrupalCamp Toronto 2008: Drupal for Fun and Profit

On Friday and Saturday May 23 and 24, 2008, both Khalid and Wafaa attended DrupalCamp Toronto.

In addition to the Drupal Performance Optimization for large web sites talk, Khalid presented the Drupal for Fun and Profit talk on how to make a career in Open Source. It was well received, and we hope it inspires some to take the plunge in the Drupal ecosystem, which is aptly described in the talk, with interesting pictures.


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