At DrupalCon Boston 2008, Khalid Baheyeldin of met Mike Gifford, of OpenConcept Consulting, an Ottawa based shop.

During the discussions, it was apparent that OpenConcept used Userpoints in interesting way.

The following interview was done after DrupalCon, and highlights how Userpoints is used in many creative ways:

KB: Mike it was great to meet you again at DrupalCon Boston.

MG: Ditto ... Hopefully we'll meet at the next Drupal Camp Toronto too.

KB: Sure. Tell us about sites you have built that use Userpoints. What are their goals, ...etc.

MG: OpenConcept uses user points as a team building tool. We also use it to promote different aspects of our site that we want folks to do more of (like blog).

KB: Tell us what you like about this module, and more about how your site uses it.

MG: It allows us to acknowledge work on the website and thanks those who do for taking the time to blog about something important

"userpoints can now be redeemed for soup (a common lunch theme here)"

KB: What new features do you want to see in Userpoints in the future.

MG: Might want to have a feature where it shows relative participation or recent participation. I've blogged so much it isn't like most folks could catch up to me.. they might have a chance if i was within the last year.. or might feel better if I was just excluded from the list.

KB: Well, the userpoints_role_exempt module in the Userpoints Contrib project may be able to help here. It excludes some roles (e.g. site admins or moderators) from competing with regular users.

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