DrupalCon Boston 2008 : Performance Tuning and Optimization for high traffic Drupal sites

At the suggestion of Kieran Lal, I helped organize and coordinate a presentation at DrupalCon Boston 2008 on Performance tuning, scalability and optimization of high traffic Drupal sites.

The presenters were all experienced in this area, with specializations in certain subareas as well. They were:

  • Jeremy Andrews (Tag 1 Consulting)
  • Khalid Baheyeldin (2bits.com)
  • Konstantin Kaefer (NowPublic)
  • Scott Matoon (Sun Microsystems)
  • Narayan Newton (OSU OSL)
  • Steven Rude (Achieve Internet)
  • David Strauss (Four Kitchens)

The presentation covered a lot of topics in a relatively short time, and was very well received.

Now you can download the slides in PDF format here (warning: 18MB).