The Drupal job search module today got a new release: 2.x.

The major feature is that it now has views integration. This exposes fields, filters and arguments to the views module so custom lists can be built.

Some of the useful use cases include:

  • List of jobs that the current logged in user has applied for.
  • List of all jobs on the site that has had one or more applications.
  • List of all jobs applied for by a certain users (an argument).

And much more ...

The following fields are exposed:

  • Name of job applicant. This is the job seeker user name who applied for the job.
  • Date/time job applied for.
  • Resume Node ID. Useful when you use views theming to link to the resume.

And the following filters:

  • Job application status: Job has been applied for by one or more users.
  • Job applicant User ID: this is a filter on the current logged in user.

As well as this argument:

  • Job applicant user ID. This allows you to have one view with a UID argument to show each user the jobs they applied for.

A few default views are included with the module:

  • My applications: shows job applications by the currently logged in user.
  • Job applications: Recruiter/employer view of all jobs applied for.
  • Seeker applications: a view that accepts an optional UID argument to list all applications, or a specific user's applications

The tarball for 5.x-2.x should appear in this release node tomorrow. 


Sun, 2008/02/17 - 14:45

Hey! thanks for a very comprehensive set of functionality. I tried it out and looks quite stable. However, I faced 2 issues and not sure if there are some obvious steps that I may have missed.
1. Can't get any user other than Admin to show the list of Job Applications. The role recruiter does have the required privileges and the Job application view shows up. However the list is empty. When logged in as Admin , I am able to see it
2. Grouping of job listing based on Taxonomy. Looking to create a view with sort of "Group by" based on Job categories.

Thanks much!

Fri, 2008/03/21 - 15:45

Hi, greetings from Groningen,

I am very much looking forward to using the functionalities as you describe. It sounds very promissing!

I have installed the 2.0 version and enabled all four modules, I created two new roles. But then what?

I have created a node-type resume myself and a node-type jobad. But i do not see any of the functionalies in drupal. No new nodes are created, I do not see new views etc.

Is there somewhere where I can read how to get the jobsearch working, A great module where you all have been so hard working on.

As you see I am very interested in getting it all to work, but need some guidance in getting the modules to work.

Kind regards,
Joel Box

Wed, 2010/02/17 - 18:28

I'm having exactly the same problem?

Did you get it to work? Did you find any tutorial?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Best wishes,


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