Presentation: Drupal for fun and profit: Making a career out of Open Source

Khalid Baheyeldin gave a presentation today at Drupal Con Boston 2008.

Attached are the slides in Open Office and PDF formats. 




Hopefully the other presenters will follow suit and publish their stuff as well!

Thank you!

Just wanted to say thank you for posting your pdf file! I was unable to attend this session due to my employer having a say in the sessions I attend, and I hated to miss it. Looks like great content!

Thanks again!


Thanks Khalid -- I found your page through my work with Vancity's -- I'm replacing your customized blog_select_module and your change_module with a CCK system -- as we're introducing a third tier "Solutions" to the system, which are also each associated with blog entries.

Drupal's where it's at. Thanks for posting your presentation.