Ivan Raszl, owner of creativebits.org, has the following to say about services he go from 2bits.com:

We highly recommend 2bits for web development work, specially with the Drupal Content Management System, for the following reasons:

2bits listens to their clients

Being graphic designers, we don't understand the tech mambo jumbo involved in programming and development. 2bits listens fully to our needs, and speaks our language. They take the time and effort needed and explain matters in terms we understand. In many cases, 2bits understands my problem better than we do.

2bits gets the job done fast

It is important to realize that on the internet, time passes off faster than in real life. If someone has a good idea, they have to implement it fast, before someone else does. This is where you can rely on 2bits. It happened to me that I briefed them about a certain Drupal module in the morning and by the time I finished breakfast working code was delivered! Even with big projects that take several days we get continous feedback about the status. We believe this is
because of 2bits are creative and approaches a certain problem with different angles to find the most efficient way of doing things.

With 2bits, it is not a matter of getting the job done, but often the solution exceeds our expectations.

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