Nick Veneris, co-founder of writes to us the following, after we did performance tuning and optimization for their site:

Recently our website,, experienced quite a bit of growth which overloaded our server. We moved to a faster server and then contacted 2bits to optimize our server's settings. 2bits fixed several modules that were causing problems due to the higher traffic we were receiving. 2bits also wrote us a script for automated nightly backups.

Khalid has been with us since the beginning of Xomba and he continues to surpass all expectations that we hold of him. No matter what kind of Drupal website you run whether it gets 10,000 hits a month or 5,000,000 you can be sure that Khalid is not only professional, but one of the best Drupal consultants you will encounter.

He has saved us time and money on countless projects and programs and he is the first person we contact when we have a crisis.

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