The Cornell Daily Sun is one of the oldest college newspapers in the United States, having been founded in 1880. It is completely independent from Cornell University, and completely student run. It publishes daily Monday to Friday during the academic year.

Recently, they started experiencing growing pains and performance issues, and contacted 2bits for assistance.

Here is what Christopher Barnes, web editor fo the Cornell Daily Sun had to say about our services:

For us, the road to developing our own independent website was a very bumpy one. We hired 2bits to analyze and improve our site’s performance because of their great reputation in the Drupal community.

The results were amazing. Khalid helped us locate the source of the problem, and after our host refused to help us fix it, he helped us move our site to a new server. Our site is now performing significantly faster than it had been before, which all of our viewers – and us – greatly appreciate. For anyone with a Drupal problem, is the only place
to go.

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