Andreas Antonopoulos, Senior Vice President and Founding Partner of Nemertes Research writes:

We hired 2bits for a major and complex upgrade of our website code from a very old version of drupal.

The project had all the hallmarks of a complex migration: lots of custom code, busy website, no downtime allowed, tight timeframe, tight budget.

2bits very carefully evaluated the project scope and gave us a very detailed proposal. Over several weeks, 2bits worked dilligently with frequent project status updates.

The project was delivered ahead of time, under budget and meeting all expectations. We had budgeted 2 weeks for testing and bug fixes, but could only find 2 small bugs so we were done in a couple of days.

If you have any experience with IT projects you recognize that this is extraordinary performance. Detail-oriented, dilligent, effective, knowledgable, flexible and easy to work with.

What more can be said? 2bits is now not only first choice for drupal work but also likely an advisor on all our website work.

Thanks 2bits!

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