Client Testimonial: R. Karthik Venkatesh of Servercraft

R. Karthik Venkatesh of ServerCraft writes:

We approached for solving a vexing problem with running drupal multi-site on our VPS using cPanel. The challenge facing us was to use just one code base for core, contrib modules and themes while still giving the client full access to their hosting account instead of parking their domain on mine and denying them such access.

Due to server restrictions because of security, symbolic links were not an option. wrote for us a custom script that installs drupal to a client's hosting account (either in the main domain or a sub-domain), adds contrib modules and themes to the drupal install and removes the entire installation and database, if needed. We can even move the entire drupal installation from the sub-domain to the main domain just by running the script again.

The script interfaces nicely with cPanel to automatically create the database user and the Drupal database and remove it cleanly too.

I am already saving a lot of time and effort with this script and would really to engage again to add more to it. Considering that I almost gave up on Drupal because of the tremendous hassle of installing and maintaining drupal on individual client hosting accounts (which is very important to my clients), this work by has been a huge help.

I would unhesitatingly recommend for drupal related work.