Damien Cirotteau, CTO of Rue89 writes about our services rendered to them, as well as our community involvment and publishing information on performance:

 We are strongly recommending 2bits.com for performance audit and development. After many outages with our  hosting company 2bits has assist us for the setup of our new infrastructure with a new hosting company. They have provide us an in-deep documentation highlighting the main bottlenecks and recommendation to override them as well as general performance tricks (such as a toolbox to monitor the performance). In addition 2bits write us a module to solve a sessions table congestion.

A very appreciated point in that mission has been the pedagogical effort they have put in this. You feel that you are working with people that want to transmit there knowledge. This is also proven by the high quality of the documentation freely availbale on their website as well as their commitment to the Drupal community.

Damien,  CTO, Rue89,
www.rue89.com || eco.rue89.com

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