Client Testimonials: what they say about us?

Client Testimonial: Alper R

Alper R. writes:

We are a fast growing entertainment site and because of that growth, we were experiencing performance issues and server crashes.

Our team was not able to solve these issue on their own, so we hired 2bits.com for performance tuning and optimization.

They found the problem in 1 hour and brought our website back to life. They followed by sending us a detailed report for optimization including the source of problems and how it was solved. They answered every question patiently and professionally.


Client Testimonial: Bernhard Sandl of jetztdesign GmbH

Bernhard Sandl, Managing Director of jetztdesign GmbH, writes:

We built a Drupal-based intranet application for a multinational corporation.

The application used a lot of additional modules, including 35 in-house developed ones.

Being an intranet, the application was required to handle a large number of simultaneous logged in users out of more than 80,000 total users.


Client Testimonial: Gregory Go of Killer Aces Media

Gregory Go, of Killer Aces Media writes:

WiseBread.com has now hired 2bits.com, Inc. three times -- first for an in-depth Drupal and server assessment, then to help us setup and optimize a new dedicated server, and finally for some emergency Drupal consultation. We have been extremely happy with the technical expertise and user-friendliness of 2bits every time.


Client Testimonial: Randy Brown of GrownUpGeek.com

Randy Brown of GrownUpGeek.com writes:

When GrownUpGeek.com recently ran into serious trouble with database and server issues, we knew that Khalid and 2bits.com could help. Since using 2bits.com in the past they have remained at the top of our list for professional support for Drupal and once again Khalid was able to provide the help we needed.


Client Testimonial: Jim Smith of WATE-TV

Jim Smith of WATE-TV writes:

When it was time for WKRN-TV to upgrade their ground-breaking blog aggregator site, nashvilleistalking.com, we called 2bits.com for assistance. We knew that the new site would be CPU-intensive because it would be aggregating feeds from more than 250 blogs. Khalid spent considerable time checking our server and making useful recommendations on how we could tune and configure it for optimized performance.


Client Testimonial: R. Karthik Venkatesh of Servercraft

R. Karthik Venkatesh of ServerCraft writes:

We approached 2bits.com for solving a vexing problem with running drupal multi-site on our VPS using cPanel. The challenge facing us was to use just one code base for core, contrib modules and themes while still giving the client full access to their hosting account instead of parking their domain on mine and denying them such access.

Due to server restrictions because of security, symbolic links were not an option.


Client Testimonial: Patrick Curtis of WallStreetOasis.com

Patrick Curtis co-founder of WallStreetOasis.com writes:

Khalid is undoubtedly a Drupal master -- besides using several of the modules he developed on my site, he has also shown an incredible ability to diagnose and solve problems.

When I contacted Khalid a week ago my site was in crisis mode. Load times were slow, traffic was down and nobody I contacted had been able to pinpoint the problem. Everyone knew MySQL queries were overloading the server, but nobody knew why or how to fix it.



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