Alper R. writes:

We are a fast growing entertainment site and because of that growth, we were experiencing performance issues and server crashes.

Our team was not able to solve these issue on their own, so we hired for performance tuning and optimization.

They found the problem in 1 hour and brought our website back to life. They followed by sending us a detailed report for optimization including the source of problems and how it was solved. They answered every question patiently and professionally.

The following day they made custom patches for our website and WOW! our website was about 5 times faster than before.

I am writing this testimonial a week after they completed the tuning our website, which has not experienced a crash ever since.

If you have a high traffic Drupal site, I vouch for their reliability, professionalism and speed.

Look no further than 2bits. They are the best internet company I have ever worked with.

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