Jim Smith of WATE-TV writes:

When it was time for WKRN-TV to upgrade their ground-breaking blog aggregator site, nashvilleistalking.com, we called 2bits.com for assistance. We knew that the new site would be CPU-intensive because it would be aggregating feeds from more than 250 blogs. Khalid spent considerable time checking our server and making useful recommendations on how we could tune and configure it for optimized performance.

Once nashvilleistalking.com was relaunched we discovered that our server was simply not up to the tasks required. This was just as Khalid had warned. Again he helped us by making succinct recommendations. We then asked him to supervise the migration of the site to a new host, which he did flawlessly. What's more, he followed up to make sure all was working properly. He then made addtional changes as needed to fine tune the server for better performance.

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