Client Testimonials: what they say about us?

Client Testimonial: Videora Business Development

S. Cherian of Videora Business Development says:

We have had an excellent experience working with

From the moment we started the process, they have been both friendly and professional. They have an excellent knowledge of Drupal and were able o quickly help us solidify our requirements. Their communication throughout the process was clear, concise and prompt. Additionally, they were able to deliver what we wanted very quickly.

We hope to work again with them in the future.

Client Testimonial: Kevin Millecam of WebWise Solutions

Kevin Millecam writes:

I had created a community site for one of my clients that included the Node Vote module. Node Vote is a great way for community members to get involved without committing much time. Since the developers at 2bits wrote Node Vote and contributed it to the Drupal community, I naturally went to them with my client's list of enhancements.

Even though the developers were booked solid, they made time to make the enhancements and I made my deadline.

I really appreciate the customer-focused attitude I felt while working
with the team at 2bits.

Client Testimonial: Sheryl of JamaicaThings

We contacted as we were looking for someone to implement the migration of our ecommerce site to Drupal. They responded to my request promptly, and provided an estimate which was quite reasonable.

Once the project was complete, they continued to provide excellent support, was helpful in guiding us, and in helping us understand Drupal.

The are not only highly technically competent, but they are professional, communicate effectively, and went the extra mile to ensure that we were completely satisfied with the work performed.  

I highly recommend

Client Testimonial: Fortune Promoseven

M. Daoud from Future Promoseven writes:

For us as an Ad agency, has formed a strong partner in time where we needed professional advice and support in developing and running one of our major clients' website using Drupal technology.

The prompt and clear 2 way communication between us and was amazing, baring in mind the time difference between us here in Bahrain and them in Canada.

I would recommend to all my clients and associates, as we all seeking the challenging combo "Speed and Quality".

Client Testimonial: Pierre Walter of Sirius C Publishing

Pierre Walter of Sirius C Publishing writes:

Khalid helped me on the spot in a very unconventional way. I was stuck with my Drupal site because of an error that rendered the whole site disfunctional. Inquiries with my hosting support only pointed to visit and their forum and see to find a similar case. I found the case indeed but the advice was not working. Desperate because of so many blogs I had setup and for which I had no backup, I wrote to Khalid after having seen a post from him on the Drupal forum. I did not really expect an answer but received a first reply already after about five minutes. Very surprised I tried to apply his advice but the problem was that I could not login. So I wrote him back and he posted me the login link on the spot. After the logon, the error disappeared and all was working fine again.

I wrote my support department about the solution and they replied me with much gratitude for getting the solution for this error that seems to occur quite often with using Drupal and for which they had no clues.

I am convinced that Khalid is not only a very qualified developer but has human qualities that are outstanding and difficult to find in these days of selfish and greedy materialism.

Client Testimonial: Christian Reder from Germany

Christian Reder from Germany writes:

I highly recommend 2bits for web development with the Drupal CMS, because of the following reasons:
  • Friendly contact
  • Extremely fast response time
  • They listen to their clients
  • Extremley professional
  • 110% knowlegde of the Drupal CMS

I can not mention any negative point.

If you want to go with Drupal, then there is only one company to choose -!

Client Testimonial: Joe Rollinson of Best Worlds IT

Joe Rollinson of Best Worlds IT writes:

I can highly recommend 2bits for help with your project, especially if you are working with Drupal CMS.  In our case the consulting saved us dozens of hours of future code revisions, and even though our team is knowledgeable in PHP and CMS systems in general, it has really paid off to work with such deep Drupal expertise.

I'd also like to congratulate 2bits on being a "value-based" provider - they made sure we felt that we got something of value for every hour of development time billed, and we certainly did.

Client Testimonial: Dowsett Events

Mark Dowsett of Dowsett Events says:

After posting an urgent plea for help on the Drupal forums 2bits contacted me promptly - alarmingly promptly I might add.  I was hesitant to make a hasty decision to enlist their help but I couldn't be more happy I did. 
After the initial help, they helped me with setting up site backup tools, as well as a test web site. They also helped plan further development on my site that I was in dire need of.
I had clients requesting features on my site that were over my novice skills and without 2bits, I wouldn't have been able to meet their needs.  I am now working with 2bits to even further develop my site beyond what I had ever expected my site to be able to handle. I've been able to bounce any ideas off of them and work together to come up with a prompt solution within a reasonable budget.  

Client Testimonial: BloggerParty

Brenda of writes:

I've worked with a lot of custom programming and web development companies and individuals. My experiences have been both good and bad.

After getting some work done by, I can honestly say they are the best service I have come into contact with. Not only has it been extremely fast, it's also been very efficient.

They have been so helpful, understanding, and a pleasure to speak with about my development needs.

I know I will happily use whenever possible for all my future web development needs.

Client Testimonial: developed first made-to-order Drupal module, and did it in record time. They were  patient and helpful in clarifying our requirements, and equally patient and responsive in executing several additional features that we only identified after seeing the module in action.
Their initiative in moving the development process forward and their efficient coding work allowed us to complete the module very quickly, and we've been delighted with the results.
We're looking forward to involving them in additional development challenges on the netsquared project


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