Client Testimonial: Pierre Walter of Sirius C Publishing

Pierre Walter of Sirius C Publishing writes:

Khalid helped me on the spot in a very unconventional way. I was stuck with my Drupal site because of an error that rendered the whole site disfunctional. Inquiries with my hosting support only pointed to visit and their forum and see to find a similar case. I found the case indeed but the advice was not working. Desperate because of so many blogs I had setup and for which I had no backup, I wrote to Khalid after having seen a post from him on the Drupal forum. I did not really expect an answer but received a first reply already after about five minutes. Very surprised I tried to apply his advice but the problem was that I could not login. So I wrote him back and he posted me the login link on the spot. After the logon, the error disappeared and all was working fine again.

I wrote my support department about the solution and they replied me with much gratitude for getting the solution for this error that seems to occur quite often with using Drupal and for which they had no clues.

I am convinced that Khalid is not only a very qualified developer but has human qualities that are outstanding and difficult to find in these days of selfish and greedy materialism.