Client Testimonials: what they say about us?

Client Testimonial: Telecentre.org

2bits.com joined our team during a high-pressure sprint to a high-visibility beta launch of telecentre.org. Their ready grasp of our development needs, creative input on programming approaches, timely execution and responsiveness to further requests made all the difference in meeting our deadlines.

They were able to rapidly resolve a number of outstanding issues, while coaching us in some of the intricacies of coding for Drupal.

We look forward to working with them again.

Alexandra Samuel, CEO, Social Signal


Client Testimonial: HumourAuthority.com

I would just like to thank 2bits.com for their professionalism and speed in handling my request. It would've taken me months to do this on my own, as I am not that skilled in programming.

I am a firm believer in rather "under promise and over deliver", and this is what 2bits.com did exceptionally well. I was quite prepared to get my work done by the end of November 2005, but 2bits.com completed it on 20th of October. That is what I call speed. This was not even two weeks after we have started negotiating the details of the project.

I would recommend 2bits.com without even as much as a blink of the eye.


Client Testimonial: Stephen Iman of CSU Pomona

Stephen Iman of CSU Pomona writes: 

I am an educator with no programming talent who wanted to develop sites useful for teaching. 2bits.com have been incredibly helpful in this regard. They developed the 'node vote' and 'user points' modules, and they work well with 'invite' module. These modules allow me to do all kinds of great things in a learning community.

Students can invite mentors to come join the site and participate in dialog, students earn whatever points I assign for a variety of kinds of interaction with the website, and students get audience feedback in the form of quick
ratings on their blog posts without the hassle of moderation queues.


Client testimonial: Artalyst.com

Brooks Summerlin of Artalyst.com has this to say:

I was looking for a professional software designer to help me get my new site fully developed and opened to the public. 2bits.com helped me in ways I wasn't expecting. My initial contact with 2bits.com was encouraging. I showed them the scope of my project and my schedule. They told me they could meet the schedule, and asked me if I had a budget to work in. Then, staying within my budget, they provided the services in a fraction of the time I needed it.

After the work was completed, 2bits.com continued to be very helpful. I was contacted multiple times with updated information as well as useful tips to help my site run more efficiently and warnings about security issues. I have a new project starting really soon and I will definitely have 2bits.com provide the services yet again.



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