I presented at the 2007 Ontario Linux Fest, held at the Toronto Congress Centre yesterday, October 13.

It was a very busy afternoon: from 13:30 to 14:30 together with Angela Byron (webchick) and Derek LaVenture, I hosted a Drupal expert Q&A session, where lots of good points were raised.

At 14:30 this was immediately followed by a Drupal hands on demo, where Lori Paniak setup laptops provided by Robert Day with VMs, so each latop can have the host OS (Debian) running FireFox, and the guest (Ubuntu server) running LAMP and Drupal. This was not rehearsed ahead of time, but went really well.

Then at 15:30, I gave a presentation on Performance Tuning and Optimization for large LAMP sites, using Drupal as an example. I am attaching the presentation in both Open Office (odp) and PDF formats.

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