Slashdot is a popular news site for nerds, covering technology, open source, politics and more.

While they do not run Drupal, nor PHP for that matter, they still run on a version of LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL and Perl as in mod_perl).

As part of Slashdot's 10 year anniversary, the details of the hardware and software that runs the site has been posted. Nice to see that updated from the years old FAQ.

What is interesting is the segregation of functions on separate servers, the use of pound as a reverse proxy, using multi-master replication for MySQL, with one writeable database, limited yet efficient use of memcached, throttling and much more.

A fascinating read.


Sat, 2007/10/27 - 18:53

Great links for all the geeks who are fascinated by sysadmin stuff!

But what really boggles my mind is that they are ranked #743 for traffic by alexa...if it takes that much hardware to run the #743 most trafficked site, I can hardly imagine what the top 100 sites must be doing.

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