Wed, 2011/11/09 - 09:56


Excellent presentation.

In your presentation there was something, a fix about slow queries. Where do I make the following changes? On the server? or On a particular place in Drupal template? if yes where?

● 84% of slow queries were:
– SELECT COUNT(*) FROM sessions WHERE uid = 
0 AND unix_timestamp() ­ timestamp < 
– 3.6 seconds!
● Changed to 
uid = 0 AND timestamp > 
(unix_timestamp() ­ (60*15))
– 30 milliseconds!

Wed, 2011/11/09 - 10:50

This is from a custom script that integrates the number of users browsing the site into Nagios. It is not in Drupal at all.

Mon, 2013/03/18 - 20:29

Often some of these presentations are recorded and placed online (web archive, for example). Was a recording done of this presentation and is it available online somewhere if so? This one would be great to see!

Mon, 2013/03/18 - 20:43

I searched to see if this one was recorded, but could not find it. Maybe it was on, or maybe it was not recorded.

If you find it, post a link here.


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