The session that I proposed for DrupalCon San Francisco 2010 on 2.4 million page views per day, 60 million pages per month, one server was accepted, and I just finished giving it.

Note that from the time we proposed the talk, until we actually delivered it, the site hit new records (2.8 million page views per day, 70 million page views per month).

Here are the slides from the session, which I designed to be useful on their own, even for those who did not attend.

And the video of the slideshow, with the sound track, is now uploaded to, and you can watch it at this link.


Sat, 2010/10/30 - 17:34

Of all my development, a few of them still host over 2.5 million pages per day. The most recent is in .Net 3.5 single server! That includes scheduled tasks and mail. If you know hot to program well and effecient, i don't see why this is topic is presentation worthy? My most recent project is on the upward ramp of a viral campaign for a television show. I expect to experience more then 3.5 million hits per day in the next week. Yes, single server.

Uncool dude. Your presentation is bragging about nothing.

Sat, 2010/10/30 - 19:37

We already surpassed 3 million page views a day.

Check out our recent presentation on 3.4 million page views a day, 92 million a month, one server and Drupal. This is organic growth, not just a traffic spike.

You, having come from the proprietary .NET background, do not know how knowledge sharing works in the open source universe.

For a taste of how others see these presentations are beneficial, check out the comments they left here and there.

An armchair critic belittles the efforts of others. Let us see how you share the knowledge you learn.

Mon, 2011/01/17 - 23:17


I watched your presentation and then read your reply to this thread. I really appreciate all the work you have done for the open source community, how you explain yourself and methods so clearly, and how you respond to subterfuge to well.

I have sent a request for a quote on a proprietary site I need developed and I sincerely hope you email me back.

Thanks again,


Thu, 2012/12/13 - 08:26

There are some very interesting points in this presentation, but in the end I don't see the point. If you are going to make custom module instead of CCK, don't use Panels, maybe views. There is really not point in using drupal then, just use wordpress and you have all the same with better UR, more stability and less memory/cpu need. Or build something custom. Only reason to use drupal is Views, Panels, CCK. Other is just better on other systems as they were not planed to support such complexity that your client obviously doesn't need. Again thanx for good info on drupal optimization :-)

Thu, 2012/12/13 - 11:42

Of course we did not rewrite CCK, but since it was used just for a handful of fields for one content type, we opted to simplify the site and use a custom module to add these fields to that one content type and eliminate several modules in the process.

This approach is feasible in a subset of sites only, and not all sites. This case is one of them.

The site does use views.

Thu, 2012/12/13 - 11:47

What would be the reason to use Drupal then? I know that is not the main point of discussion here but really looks like they could use much less complex system then Drupal and this way make much more optimization regarding CPU and Memory.


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