Here are the slides from my Drupal Camp Toronto 2012 session.

The site is, a repository of scientific research going back to the 19th century, down to the latest biotechnology and cancer release.

Update: You can watch a video of the presentation on Vimeo.


Mon, 2012/11/19 - 13:13

Great presentation with good ideas.

Due to some aggressive feature-usage on one of our sites, this script would be really interesting!

Mon, 2012/11/19 - 16:16

Nice solution for the database import and reducing the number of installed modules by creating a mega feature.

Did you come up with a solution for PHP network calls in regards to Sphinx?

Mon, 2012/11/19 - 16:29

Just curious, is this a Drupal 6 or 7 site? My guess is D6 because you list issues with module_hooks & module_implements. If it is D6 has a list of core patches "Big Performance Gains - Low Risk" that really help with these.

In regards to network traffic, if it is over http is a trick that I use for speeding up parallel http requests. Also, if you have to do something that takes a long time using multiple processes to do it can help:

Mon, 2012/11/19 - 16:35

The site is Pressflow 6.

Fri, 2014/11/14 - 09:30

I thought the presentation and what you did was really cool and I was more aghast at the database size.

Mon, 2012/11/19 - 19:34

Hey, posted this to Reddit. Sorry if it seemed from the title that I was horrified by it- actually I thought the presentation and what you did was really cool and I was more aghast at the database size.

Great work! Thanks for posting it!

Mon, 2012/11/19 - 19:38

No worries. Glad it was clarified, and at least some people got something out of it. That is what it is all about: knowledge sharing within the community.

Sat, 2012/11/24 - 12:23

Audio was recorded along with slides. However, it has not been posted yet. I will update the info above to add a link when I get it.

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