In order for your server to have the best performance with Wordpress, it has to be properly configured with the right software versions of the many component needed, and tuned for optimal performance and uptime.

Drawing on our experience in this field, we can setup your site on a dedicated server or a VPS of your choice.

We recommend the latest (or previous) stable version of Ubuntu Server LTS which has five years of support from Canonical, and recent versions of the LAMP stack. We can also work with the latest stable Debian release, and occasionally with RedHat or CentOS if that is your preference.

We recommend that your web host install only a a minimal Linux distro, without any web servers, database or PHP. We will then do the following for you:

  • Install Apache, MySQL, PHP, APC and Memcached, and/or Varnish.
  • Configure and optimize the above for Drupal to run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Install and configure awstats for web server statistics, so you can check regularly how your web site's traffic is doing.
  • Install and configure Munin for resource monitoring, so you can keep an eye on web site growth and resource utilization over the weeks, months and years to come.
  • Daily backup of your web site.
  • If you already have a web site, we can move it to your new server if needed.

We can also recommend hosting companies that we have used in the past and found that their service is good or excellent.

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