Wordpress Server Installation, Configuration and Tuning

In order for your server to have the best performance with Wordpress, it has to be properly configured with the right software versions of the many component needed, and tuned for optimal performance and uptime.

Drawing on our experience in this field, we can setup your site on a dedicated server or a VPS of your choice.

Wordpress Performance Assessment, Tuning and Optimization

As your Wordpress site grows, more visitors and more page views are served. This puts more load on your server, and often bottlenecks cause the site to be slow, or experience hangs occasionally.

2bits has been involved closely with many high traffic web sites, for example, 74 million page views per month, and over 3,400,000 page views per day. We have assisted many large clients with their web site bottlenecks, solving performance issues with sites running on Virtual Private servers, to multiple dedicated servers.

Is your Drupal or Backdrop CMS site slow?
Is it suffering from server resources shortages?
Is it experiencing outages?
Contact us for Drupal or Backdrop CMS Performance Optimization and Tuning Consulting