Our standard rate is USD $199 per hour.

For Canadian clients, 13% HST will be charged. This does not apply to international clients, which is any business residing outside Canada.

Depending on the nature of the assignment and project, and its duration, other rates may be negotiated.

Fixed priced estimates can be provided for most types of projects.

Emergency premiums are charged on top of our normal rates if the project is urgent.

Payment Methods

SWIFT Bank Transfer

For USA and international clients, the preferred method of payment is via a SWIFT bank transfer.

US and Canadian Bank Cheques

For Canadian clients, we accept In some cases, such as for repeat clients, we can accept cheques drawn on a US bank in US Dollars.

Credit cards and Paypal

For USA and international clients, we can accept credit cards. Paypal is used to process credit card payments, so we can only accept payments from clients in countries that Paypal accepts credit cards from. Please add a 5% to cover Paypal fees.

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