Before reading  this web page, please read our Frequently Asked Questions section. It may have answers to common questions customers ask.

Here is a brief overview on how we operate in most cases:

  • We first review your needs.
  • We then discuss them with you (initially by email, then by phone, IM or Skype).
  • We then write a formal specifications and send it for your review and approval.
  • We agree on a price, if this is a fixed price quote, or an hourly rate with an estimate of number of hours.
  • We then get approval from you.
  • We proceed to write the software or customize it, as required.
  • We setup a test system for you to view the complete work and make sure it is to your liking.
  • We fix any issues you point out, and can even incorporate new features if desired (as a separate quote if it is not in the feature list detailed earlier.
  • Upon acceptance we expect to receive payment via a mutually agreed upon method.
  • We then release the software for you.

The above methodology has proved its success.

Since we think that individualized service is key to success, we can adjust and refine the above to fit your needs, as required. 

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