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Drupal image module: make images clickable to original size

Drupal's image module has the option to let visitors view the original resolution of an image. However, the only way to view the original is to click on the "view original" link below the image.

This may not be what the client wants, since a more common way of presenting images on the web is to make the image clickable to the higher resolution image.

For a demo of this feature, please visit Ads of the World

This article discusses how to do that for Drupal 4.6, 4.7 and 5.0.

Displaying page generation time on Drupal pages

One often needs to display the page generation time for every page.

The excellent devel module provides this feature, and other important ones as well, like displaying queries and the time it takes each one to execute, and much more.

However, there are sometimes side effects to enabling the devel module on 4.6 and 4.7, that may manifest itself in certain situations. For example, showing errors on the screen directly.

If you want the timer functionality without the full devel, here is a tiny module that displays the timer at the bottom of every page.

Setting up xdebug/DBGp for PHP on Debian/Ubuntu

Developers frequently need to trace the execution of their code, and debug it, and Drupal/PHP is no exception.

There are several PHP debugging frameworks/APIs available, including DBG, Gubed, Zend, and xdebug. Each of those supports different IDEs (Integrated Development Environments).

This article focuses on xdebug, and how you can set it up on your development machine or server.

Using vim and xdebug DBGp for debugging Drupal (or any PHP application)

Update 2017-April-20: The information in this article contains a now outdated extension for VIM. In order to use a more current extension, please get vdebug, which works with XDebug.

Original article follows ...

The power and simplicity of some tools is often overlooked or underestimated.
One such tool is good old vim (VI iMproved), a text editor for UNIX systems, also available for other platforms.

Drupal: Using imagecache with Views and CCK imagefields

A while ago, Angela Byron of Lullabot wrote an article comparing Image and Image Exact Sizes with CCK Imagefield and Imagcache.

The examples given in the article are clear, but if you are using views, you will need to do some more stuff to get what you want.

What my client wanted was the ability to upload a picture of any size, and have a preset size of it appear in one place, and another in another place.

These business requirements translate to two different views that end up as blocks on the front page, using the same content type.

Drupal Technorati module released

A new Technorati module that integrates with has been released.

The module can be configured so certain node types have a technorati tags section with links to that site's tags. The tags can be derived from Drupal's taxonomy (and hence be completely automated), or can be manually entered for each node (allowing full control, but more work), or even a combination of the two.

This configuration is on a per node type basis, so blog entries can be handled differently from events, ...etc.

Google Summer of Code interview podcast: Wolfgang Ziegler

Lullabot has a podcast of an interview with Wolfgang Ziegler. Khalid of 2bits has co-mentored Wolfgang for his users as nodes Summer of Code (SoC) project, with Owen Barton.

The basic premise of the project was to make users nodes, so that they can benefit from all of what nodes can have (e.g. taxonomy, views, ...etc.).

Wolfgang really took care of all the technical aspects of the project, and did not need a lot of mentoring in this regards. We just pointed him to where to get the information he needs, and to make it more visible to the community for feedback, critique and comments.


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