Lullabot has a podcast of an interview with Wolfgang Ziegler. Khalid of 2bits has co-mentored Wolfgang for his users as nodes Summer of Code (SoC) project, with Owen Barton.

The basic premise of the project was to make users nodes, so that they can benefit from all of what nodes can have (e.g. taxonomy, views, ...etc.).

Wolfgang really took care of all the technical aspects of the project, and did not need a lot of mentoring in this regards. We just pointed him to where to get the information he needs, and to make it more visible to the community for feedback, critique and comments.

Wolfgang's project spawned a lot of interesting by products, most of them generic standalone modules, as I have noted in the past.

Wolfgang also found ways to fix/improve other modules that he interfaces with, and provide patches and work with the module author directly.

Well done Wolfgang ... 

Last year, it was a privilege to assist Robert Douglass with mentoring Angela Byron (webchick), Fabiano Sant'Ana, and others by providing code reviews.

This year was just as satisfying, I should say ... I wish there is more time one can dedicate to this kind of activity. 

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