A new Technorati module that integrates with Technorati.com has been released.

The module can be configured so certain node types have a technorati tags section with links to that site's tags. The tags can be derived from Drupal's taxonomy (and hence be completely automated), or can be manually entered for each node (allowing full control, but more work), or even a combination of the two.

This configuration is on a per node type basis, so blog entries can be handled differently from events, ...etc.

The module also notifies the technorati site when new content is published. 


Mon, 2006/11/06 - 12:39

Good to see this module being real, because I like technorati and want to help their users to find my content. This module is very useful to me.

Thank you for sharing this great news with me !

Mon, 2007/07/23 - 13:31


i am using your technorati module for drupal 5.1 as well as the ping module.

I am wondering whether it is a problem because at CRON run in the logfile i always see that the ping module pings pingomatic, and then (in addition) the technorati module pings technorati too.

So technorati gets pinged twice in a row ! (because pingomatic pings technorati already)



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