The favorite nodes module allows the admin to enable users to add certain content types to a list of favorites.

Now, this module integrates with views, so users can can generate custom lists of favorites.

These include:

  • A filter for current users, allowing "my favorite" type of lists.
  • A filter for all nodes that have been added to favorites by any user.
  • A filter on the date/time the node was added to favorites.
  • A sortable field showing the date/time the node was added to favorites.
  • A field that shows a count of how many users have added the node to their favorites, useful as an indication for popularity.
  • An argument that allows filtering of Favorites nodes for a specific user. This is useful to show "editor's picks" and such type of lists.



Sun, 2007/12/30 - 08:52

I'm playing with it now.

Is it possible to recreate the default table list with a view? For example, I would like to link to the favorites list from a custom menu item, but the module-provided menu items don't appear to be changeable (as they contain the uid).

So I've created a menu item from a view without using arguments, so the URL is simply "wishlist" and it only shows the current user's items, but unfortunately there's no fields for "date added" or "delete".

FYI, I'm trying it out for an ecommerce product wishlist and it's promising so far.

Sun, 2007/12/30 - 11:55

You can create a view that takes the content type as an argument, add the "current user" filter, and that would be the default list you want.

If you want "all nodes in my favorites", then just create a view with the current user filter, and assign it a URL of "my_faves" and that should work for all users without the need for arguments.

I added "Date/time added" as a field to filter and sort by, as well as a displayable field too. Check the new tar ball tomorrow.
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I was wondering how do you create a block view of nodes that was most favourited by users?

You mentioned there was views integration and a field that was useful to indicate popularity, but I'm not sure how to implement it.

Could you help me with this?

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