Frequently Asked Questions

When will you port module X to Drupal version Y?

We get asked this question quite a lot, specially in Drupal's issue queue.The answer to this is that any given module will be ported to the newer Drupal version when one of the following happens:

  • Someone submits a properly formatted, working and tested patch in the issue queue. This is the most likely occurance, since people port what they need (scratch your own itch).
  • A client funds the port for a specific module because they need to move to a newer version.
  • We need it for a client project, or a personal site.

What server configurations can benefit from Drupal performance tuning and optimization?

There are some assumptions made before we can help with tuning your setup.

  • You are on a cluster of dedicated servers, a standalone dedicated
    server, or a VPS at a minimum.
  • You do not have full control of a shared host, and hence whatever tuning will be limited to Drupal itself, not Linux, MySQL or Apache.

What technical site information do you need to diagnose an issue or help with performance?

Q: Our site has an issue/performance problem/needs consulting. What technical information do you need to help us with that?

A: We can do a performance assessment in two ways, which can be combined in some cases.

Directly monitoring a live site

The fastest way to diagnose an issue, help with performance problems, or do other consultation, we need the following:

Do you do Drupal installations?

Q: Do you do Drupal installations?

A: Yes, we do Drupal installations for those who cannot do them due to technical challenges.

However, if you have Fantastico on your web hosting  server, you can do the install yourself, and have to continue to use Fantastico for upgrades.

Note that our rates may not be suitable for individuals seeking Drupal installs.

If you decide to contact us for installs, please make sure that you have SSH enabled on your web host, and specify which Drupal version and contributed modules you want installed. 

Can you develop a clone of site X for me?

Q: I want you to develop a clone of site X for me. Can you do that?

A: When you send us specifications, please do not say "I want a clone of site X".

If you want a short answer to the above question, then it is most likely: "No".

The long answer is "it depends".

A reference site, or screen shot can be a very helpful way to visualize what is needed, but should not be the only way to describe your project needs.

Your requirements have to be in bullet points and/or headings and paragraphs. These discrete function points are what really matter when scoping a project initially.

Is your Drupal or Backdrop CMS site slow?
Is it suffering from server resources shortages?
Is it experiencing outages?
Contact us for Drupal or Backdrop CMS Performance Optimization and Tuning Consulting