2bits and SocialSignal are proud to announce the release of the Second Life framework for Drupal.

This framework allows objects inside Second Life to interact with applications running on Drupal web sites. The framework includes a sample application, a Second Life client emulator, and debugging/timing facilities to help developers write.

What can you do with this framework? Many things:

  • Store something from Second Life to a Drupal web site.
  • Make something in Second Life accessible over the web.
  • Store state information of something inside Second Life on a Drupal web site.
  • Manage something in Second Life from a web site rather than inworld.

The "something" mentioned above is only limited by your imagination ...

So, if you want to write the next Second Life advertising application, inventory, or "something", you can use the Drupal framework. 




I am trying to install Second Life Framework for Drupal.
When I try and enable the module I get the following error:
"This version is incompatible with the 6.2 version of Drupal core."

The version I have installed is DRUPAL-5--1-0

I am running Drupal version 6.2

Is there a new version of your SL Framework?
or am I doing something wrong here?

Thanks for any help :-)
Sinatra Cartier
SL beta member since Jan 2003

Wed, 2008/04/09 - 20:15

At the moment, the Second Life framework works with Drupal 5.x only.

It will require some effort to port to Drupal 6, and we do not have a date for that yet, unless someone submits a working patch for it, or sponsors the effort of porting.
2bits -- Drupal and Backdrop CMS consulting

Sun, 2010/03/07 - 20:17

I wish there could be some little application examples to give an idea how to utilize this framework

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