An article on TechCrunch describes, and how it is a social initiative for change, powered by Drupal.

We blogged about ChangeEverything when they launched, and work for phase 2 is continuing. 


Fri, 2006/09/08 - 11:04

Your Vancouver buddies are all delighted over the coverage on Techcrunch and elsewhere over the site.

And the site works so well and gets such great press because you've provided not just solid programming to support some pretty tricky custom functionality, but the tweaks we've needed (often in multiple iterations) to make the interface and the workflow as seamless as possible for users.

And if that sounds like a commercial for Khalid, well, we're happy to advertise. :)

Tue, 2008/10/21 - 14:15

I mean, its a REALLY great idea - I am just not sure whether it will catch the imagination of the general public enough to 'change anything'

I hope so, I really do.

Cola K.

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