The good folks at Social Signal were asked by Vancity, a Vancouver, B.C. credit union, to launch a grassroots Change Everything.

The idea centers on changing things in yourself, your community and the world. A grassroots social networking site that brings people together.

Read some more background on Vancity's ChangeEverything on Rob Cottingham's blog.

The result is

Social Signal used Drupal 4.7's CCK and views to do most of the technical work, but as time passed by, it was apparent that certain things cannot be done in CCK.

The solution was to involve us at 2bits to do custom module development to do the following:

  • Allow any user to "join" a change that others have created.
  • A user automatically joins a change that they created.
  • Allow users to blog about a certain change. Only changes that are joined are shown in the drop down list.
  • Show which change a blog post is related to.
  • Show all blog posts about a certain change.
  • Blocks to show all changes joined, as well as users who joined a certain change.
  • Users can "leave" a change at any time.

Of course, themeing functions are provided all over the place to enable exact placement of content.

Social Signal has teamed with us at 2bits in the past on several projects, and we love working with them ...

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