Today, the two modules 2bits have been developing for the Drupal Association have been released publicly. They are:

  • Donation. This is the module that collects donations for the Drupal project via Paypal. You can see it (and donate!) on the Donate page on the Association's web site. It shows a list of donors on the web site.
  • Fee. This is a module for conference web sites. It allows various attendance levels to be charged to attendees via Paypal. Registered users are notified that they have not paid by a message on every page, which disappears when they pay. A list of attendees and total number is shown to monitor registration.
  • Simple Paypal framework. A simple glue module for Paypal used by the above modules.


Mon, 2010/01/04 - 21:36

Many NGO's would like to offer their donors the opportunity to make a regular (monthly) donation of their chosen amount - have you any plans to develop this as as part of the Drupal Donation module or do you think there may be value in us developing it as part of our MSc project?

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