2bits.com launched MediaME, a media, creative and advertising community for Middle East.

The site has areas for news, opinions, a creative gallery (with rating), jobs, media rates, company listings, blogs and podcasts.

The site was done on a compressed schedule, and the bulk of it was done in 3 weeks, with 3 more for the "devil is in the details" part!

It uses Drupal, CCK, Views and Panels as its based, as well as other modules that 2bits.com developed, including adsense, and technorati. A custom panel module was also used for the front page, and another for the job applications. Other modules include the imagecache module.

The theme was done by 2bits business partner, Trae McCombs to customer specifications.

The site is owned by Maktoob Group, a large Middle East portal. Another Drupal site that Maktoob runs is News.Maktoob.

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