MediaME has an interview with Ivan Raszl, founder of AdsOfTheWorld, a Drupal site that gets very high traffic.

To quote:

In less than 2 years Ads of the World reached 800+ thousands unique visitors and 15 million page loads a month. And these numbers are growing 10-15% every month.

Today AotW is read in practically every agency in the world and is the most visited showcase in the world. I'm in contact with many agencies world wide, so I get all the material fresh and hot out of the production departments. I don't know where this site is going to go, but definitely this is some success I never dreamed of.

Recently we upgraded to the fastest server that was available and adding a second one soon. Thankfully I have a partner and a friend from who helps me with all the technical stuff, so we can cope with the ever growing traffic.

2bits did the initial version of MediaME in late 2006, but not the present design.

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