The Second Life framework module for Drupal has been released.

This module allows your modules to interact with Second Life objects in interesting way.

Check the project page on, and the README.txt file for more information.


28 Nov 2007: This has finally been released. See the announcement here.


Mon, 2007/04/16 - 14:44

When will this exciting module finally be released?
We need it urgently, as we don't want to rely only on "sloodle".
At least a alpha or beta version would would be great!

Mon, 2007/04/16 - 16:01

The code for the SecondLife framework is ready, but cannot be released right now.

The firm that sponsored it need to launch their site first, which uses the framework plus an application built on top of it. When that happens, I can release the code out to the community.

There is no accurate estimate for when this will be, it was originally slated for late March, but was pushed back.

Could be anywhere between one month and three months away.
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